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(tailored to the needs of our members...)




These plans have a minimum of weekly hours and the prices vary with the number of hours

that the member uses in a week, going down with the more hours you book.



15 & 45 Hour packages can be purchased and used over an established period of time.

This plan is usually preferred by catering businesses because it allows more flexibility.






Hourly rates are for 1 station. The station you reserve will be based on your needs, we have bakery stations, "cold" stations, food & meal prep stations. The "station" includes a large prep table and cooking equipment (ranges, ovens, etc.). 


As a member of our kitchen, you also have access to the kitchen counselor. The kitchen counselor can help you find tailored solutions for your business. (Disclaimer: Counseling is not to be considered as legal or economic advice.)



This fee is paid only if you work in the kitchen on a given week, even if only one time in that week. Each member is still responsible for cleaning his/her own station and leaving the area clean at the end of the reserved time period.



Members can rent cooler space in various form: Whole Speed Rack by day or week or Shelves by week. 



Dry storage is available for our members to store their dry ingredients and equipment.

Member can choose to use metro racks, speed racks or large 2-meter racks. 



All of our freezers are reach-in. Members can rent a whole 1 door freezer or part of one (shelves). 




Specialty equipment, if available, may be rented with tailored rates based on usage.





(pots, pans, utensils, food processors, cutting boards, etc...)


Each member must use his own equipment which they must bring into the kitchen.

Dry storage is available if a member wishes to store his/her equipment in the kitchen. 

Some dry storage is included in the weekly plans. 


As much as we would like to have a shared pool of pots, pans, and utensils for common use, this could be potentially dangerous. When different businesses use the same pool of equipment and utensils the risk of cross-contamination is very high, posing a threat to the end consumer.






Food Safety is our number one priority! Food Safety is a broad argument and has many different aspects and concerns.

We pride ourselves on always trying to maintaining the highest standards! 


All of our members must hold a Food Safety Manager (FSM) certification,

and the FSM must be present during food processing and handling.


Each member must comply with all the rules and regulations of the regulatory agency that issues the license and has inspecting authority. If the member's inspecting agency requires another type of certification or food safety plans, the members must comply with the agency and with all of the Inspectors' demands. If the inspector requires structural modifications, the FOOD FACTORY will be the one to comply to meet the inspectors' demand. 


Protocols are put in place to reduce to a minimum the risk of cross-contamination and food born illness due to improper handling of foods. All members must follow the rules set in place by the Kitchen Manager & Regulatory Agencies. All members are urged to follow all rules and regulations. Failure to comply could result in warnings, expulsion, fines and whatever penalties are set forth by inspecting agencies. 


Because we take food safety so seriously, Health Inspectors of the Food Safety Divisions of the various regulatory and inspecting agencies (DBPR, FL. DA, USDA) are always welcome in our facilities without notice. 



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