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THE FOOD FACTORY  is a Commercial Kitchen & Culinary Incubator. OUR MISSION is to provide a licensed commercial kitchen to food start-ups or already established businesses along with ecosystem services to help our members to fast-track the growth of their business.  THE FOOD FACTORY  aims to make all of our members feel like they are at home, our motto is that when "you" are here this is "your" kitchen. 


ECOSYSTEM SERVICES:  THE FOOD FACTORY helps its members by sharing our knowledge and connecting you with business professionals that you will need in different phases of your business. The KITCHEN COUNSELOR plays a central role in guiding you through the various steps that your business will take. We are continuously at work to find new partnerships that will benefit our users to grow their business.


Our family has been in the food business for over 30 years in various settings and countries. In the spirit of reuniting all the family, we moved back to Miami.  Nonna Tina wanted to start a catering business so the work began...


We started searching for commercial kitchens and quickly realized that there were only a couple and they did not meet our expectations. With a lot of hard work, we started a kitchen for our business. After a year of having to jump through hoops, we started consulting for free with start-up businesses helping them navigate the industry. The lack of a true Culinary Incubator in our city pushed us to expand this project and we founded THE FOOD FACTORY ! 




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